Welcome to the world of professional and green LED lighting solutions – from OPTILED, one of the global leading purely LED companies! Being a partner to the world’s most prestige lighting OEM’s – we are committed to provide the best products and solutions in today’s LED market. We will help you to get not only a high quality LED Lighting product – but a complete, green lighting solution combined with significant cost savings for you and your clients.

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The trend towards LED lighting for parking facilities, both indoor and outdoor is picking up across the globe. The reasons are clear: reduced operating costs, lower maintenance, easier installation and longer lasting fixtures. The efficiency and reliability of OPTILED's LED lighting may also favorably affect the costs of liability insurance and even security. And for publically operated facilities, any efforts to reduce costs for taxpayers will always be appreciated. In many places, environmental concerns especially for facilities operated by high-profile brands and major organizations may also be a concern. If you want to learn more about OPTILED LED Tubes, please click here.